Post 3c: Web technologies – Future

Note: This post is a work-in-progress! It’s currently more of a notes page and will be added to and rewritten over time. Watch this space!

Mobile Web Technologies

‘Internet of Things’

An RFID tag. Picture attribution: CRAI - Biblioteca Campus Gandia, at Flickr

RFIDs – ‘internet of things’

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing
– infrastructure

Semantic Web

The Semantic Web layer cake. Picture attribution: user 'pshab' at Flickr.

– Semantic web languages
– Ontology and semantic processing
– Semantic web applications: FOAF, Swiki
– Linked data

Compared to
– Web 1.0 and competitors
– Web 2.0 applications and technologies

Reading List

Berners-Lee, T., Hendler, J. & Lassila, O. (2001) The Semantic Web. Scientific American Magazine.

Moskvitch, K. (2011) Internet of things blurs the line between bits and atoms. BBC News.

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